Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Madness

I read the following excerpt on a college classmate's blog last week:

Just so you know...that feeling of tiredness, irritability and the excessive need for caffeine actually has a name during the Olympic Games. It's called Olympic fatigue! So there ya go! Happy fatigue as I watch the women's finals in gymnastics at 11:45pm!

I laughed at the note because, for the first time ever, my family and I are actually engrossed in the Olympic Games. Anyone who knows me at all is keenly aware that I am not much of a sports enthusiast. (Pastor Derrick argued with me last week that the Summer Olympics weren't really sports anyway, because nobody can get hurt.)

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy any sporting event, if I'm there... I even play racquetball on occasion, but I've never been much for the sports scene. Other kids played football... I played piano. That's what makes this whole Olympic infatuation seem like some sort of "out-of body" experience for the redhead and me.

Nonetheless, I've genuinely enjoyed working my way through the recordings on our DVR, seeking out the greatest moments of the last couple of weeks. In fact, I realized that maybe I'd watched one too many medal ceremonies when this past Saturday evening at Starlight Theater I was momentarily stunned to hear a different arrangement of the national anthem than the one I'd been hearing on television so many times in the last several days.
So what's the reason I share all of this?

1. It's Monday morning and I needed a blog topic. ;-)

2. I wonder who else is finding the games to be a source of interest... Share some comments on your own Olympic thoughts... I'd love to hear them.


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