Monday, May 12, 2008

The Story of My Life

No cynicism implied, but I've been REALLY busy the last couple of days, uh weeks, uh... So this Mark Schultz song has been on my mind. It's from the album Stories and Songs (a GREAT album by the way!) Don't take the song too seriously, but I believe we can all relate!

Running Just to Catch Myself
I am driving
I am late for work
Spilling coffee down my whitest shirt
While I'm flossing and I'm changing lanes
Oh Yeah

Now I'm driving
Through the parking lot
Doing eighty, hey what the heck why not
Watch it lady, Cuz you’re in my spot once again,

It's early to work
And here's a surprise, I got a
McMuffin for just 99 cents today
I think they ran a special

I can't stand still can I get a witness
Can you hear me, Anybody, Anybody
I think I am running just to catch myself

Maybe someday I could fly away
Go to Key Largo or Montego Bay
Sport my Speedo, maybe grab a tan

Now I'm running
Straight into my boss
And he's angry, Oh and he calls me Ross
Which is funny, ‘cause that ain’t my name
And that’s lame

I'm still running
Running very late, For a meeting
Wait, that was yesterday
Guess I'm early for the one next week, Oh how sweet

I get on the ladder, I corporately climb
I wave at my life as it passes me by everyday
My name's not Ross!

I can't stand still can I get a witness
Can you hear me, Anybody, Anybody
I think I am running just to catch myself

Life in my cubicle’s discreet, Life in my cubicle is neat
I've got some pictures of my friends
Some sharpened pencils...where's my pen

Ten O'clock I'm in a meeting
Paper cut I think I'm bleeding
Check my hair it's still receding,
Hey what a life

Break for lunch, there's nothing better
Run outside and don my sweater
Like Fred Rogers let's be neighbors
I've lost my mind

I'm over worked, and underpaid, and unappreciated
It's just a perk of being of being middle class and educated

One... spinning circles in my chair a game of solitaire
Three... And I ponder where my stapler's gone, till

Four O'clock and I stare at the door,
And I stare at my watch, then I stare at the door
I stand by my desk like I'm going to war
There's just one thing I'll be needing
Grab my paycheck as I'm leaving

Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhh

Five O'clock it's time to go
There's crowds to fight and horns to blow
It's talking fast on my cell phone
Hey, watch out that’s reckless driving!

Five O'clock it's time to leave
Hit the couch and watch TV
Set the clock and go to sleep
It's 8 a.m. on Monday morning
Again and again
and again and again
and again

Driving around, nowhere to go
And so I hang with my lady,
Oh, and I chill with my bros
It's okay, in my Cabriolet

I can't stand still can I get a witness
Can you hear me, Anybody, Anybody
I think I am running just to catch myself

When I meet God, I will have a question
I just forgot the question
I think I am running just to catch myself

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

Monday, May 5, 2008


"The concept of the scandal of Christ is for most of us so unfamiliar that upon first hearing it we are conditioned to close our minds. Let me encourage you to go to the Scriptures, especially the Gospels, and see if this element doesn't exist on almost every page. Jesus must become for us not merely the provider of answers to our questions, but on an infinitely larger scale, when we are so broken that we don't even know what the question is...then He must become to us...THE ANSWER." - Michael Card

In 1985, Christian singer/songwriter Michael Card released an album entitled Scandalon. The quote above is taken from Card's website in reference to the album and the song by the same title.

The Gospel? Scandalous?


Read these lyrics, taken from the song:

Along the path of life there lies a stubborn Scandalon

And all who come this way must be offended

To some He is a barrier, To others He's the way

For all should know the scandal of believing

He will be the truth that will offend them one and all

A stone that makes men stumbleAnd a rock that makes them fall

Many will be broken so that He can make them whole

And many will be crushed and lose their own soul
© 1985, Michael Card

I've known and liked that song for more than 2 decades now, and yet, today it carries new meaning for me. Following the events of Saturday's Shipping Cart Concert (see Derrick's Blog for details), I am reminded of the fact that many will not receive the gospel willingly.

Despite the early conclusion of our event, there is much to celebrate about the events of the past weekend:

Our choir "engaged" in a way that I've not observed since coming to BVBC, but that I always believed was possible... Their investment in this project was truly a sacrifice. They didn't merely sing, but rather they COMMUNICATED.

Our church members came out in scores to share the love of Christ in the community.

Our church learned a valuable lesson in why we need to continue finding ways to spread the Gospel in our community.

So, all in all I call it a success. For over an hour and a half, the gospel was proclaimed and the name of JESUS lifted up. In itself that's a great thing, but perhaps there's even a greater good that things happened as they did. Had all gone as we planned we would have missed out on an experience that will undoubtedly steel us to greater service for God.

I've never really thought myself to be the rebellious type, but maybe there is something lurking deep inside me seeking opportunities to scandalize the world for Christ. Hmmm... I think I like it....